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Over the past few decades, we see an increasing trend of collecting charities under different causes in almost every society and community. Some are collecting charities for educational purposes or other or running programs for the olds.

The charity is collected by a wide variety of organizations working in different social, professional and academic settings to change their concerns in to reality. Everyone has different dream and different methods to turn their dreams into reality in their concerned areas.

Spark Aid is a UK registered charity and a registered international foundation in different countries across the globe, who are working in various sectors to fulfil their motives by means of undertaking different projects to help the communities and the citizens of concerned areas.

The main aim of the Spark Aid is to prevent the poverty by assisting the people of different countries across the globe with free education, professional training, healthcare projects and to make them self-dependent so that they generate a sustainable income for themselves. Also, our organization, Spark Aid aims to support any individual or community, who are affected by natural disaster or of any other kind of disaster. We aim to provide best solutions to the affected citizens of any country that would be appropriate for the individual or the community.

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