What we do

The main aim of Spark Aid is to prevent the poverty by means of assisting the people with free education, training, healthcare projects by means of undertaking different strategies to generate a sustainable income for themselves.

By trying to ensure that homeless people get at least one nutritious meal every weekend and also making awareness to the general public that no one should be left to starve, with the support from KFC we have launched a programme to feed the most needy and vulnerable in society every week, approximately 150-200 people are provided with a hot meal (fried chicken) and bread.

Early Years of Spark Aid, we have also successfully completed a few projects in South Asian Countries.

Five main programs were:


AWAKE - Social Awareness Project of Spark Aid:

This is our social awareness program that helps the citizens to be aware of the social problems and their prevention techniques. Spark Aid understands the importance of social problems and for this it conducts various programs and campaigns in different schools and colleges. AWAKE also conducts counselling to help people fighting with social problems and tries to solve their problems by giving them prevention techniques.


Cure: Clinical Support Program of Spark Aid:

We know that Health is Wealth but do we really understand this? Our program “Cure” focuses on this issue and helps the people living in underprivileged areas. We arrange medical camps for the people facing different health hazard problems. We also try to reach in any area that is affected through earthquakes, famines or floods. We know there are many people living below the poverty line; they cannot afford their daily food then how would they afford healthy diet. So our objective is to reach those people and help them in any possible way.


Moshal (Beacon): Free of Cost Standard Education Project of Spark Aid:

This is another project of Spark Aid that aims to give quality education to the students who cannot afford to go to schools. We should acknowledge the fact that a nation cannot truly prosper if education is not reached to every single citizen of the country. And under this program we believe that the prime and one of the solutions for lighting up the darkness of poverty is to give Education

We aim to open free of cost schools with quality education that will provide education to the students till elementary level. The curriculum will be exactly same to the best known schools in the country and it will be designed in a way that it is easy for students to understand it. Further we believe that Education has no barriers and for this we plan to open a section for adults where they would get basic education and their curriculum will be designed a way that it is easy for aged students to get familiar with reading and writing.


Green Breath: Environmental Awareness Program of Spark Aid:

“For Green, Go Green” is the most demanding social cause in any country now. Due to increasing population and industrialization, their negative impacts are massive on the environment. Other than these natural hazards are increasing day by day. These natural hazards have negative impacts on almost all parts of the world.

We through “Green Breath” program understand this cause and will design various programs like programs like seminars, workshops, symposiums, rallies and campaigns to mainly focus on the effects of natural hazards and climatic changes. We will also focus on the prevention methods at individual levels that how can an individual on his own safeguard himself from the negative effects and can make the world a better place to live.


Utshow: Self Dependency Program of Spark Aid:

Utshow is another program of Spark Aid. We know that “To donate a man is great, but to make a man self-dependent is greater”. We believe that donating to the poor people is a great act of courtesy but what if we make them self-dependent so that they don’t have to live on donations anymore. The needy of the society are often seen to be waiting for the help of the well-offs. But can a society really uplift itself by depending on donations? Can it really sustain itself on aid?

Under this program we aim to change the current methods of helping the needy as we know that they cannot really lift themselves up by donations. So our aim is to open career and professional trainings for unemployed people. We are initially starting with the sewing and boutiques programs for women and in a very short time men will also be able to take part in sewing training. We are also hopeful to start technical training facilities in the near future as well.